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Hi my name is Andrea Darby, I have always had a natural artistic flair with a passion for antique restorations, painting, interior design, and fashion design, and I have worked professionally in many artistic fields. I have also completed formal education in anatomy and physiology, biology and sociology. Three years of formal study in Art and Design have given me a deeper understanding of colour and shape to the benefit of my Cosmetic Tattooing clients.


I first completed my Diploma in Beauty therapy in 1985 which included introduction to the early forms of cosmetic tattoo, later in my career I underwent additional training in Cosmetic Tattooing at the Permanent Beauty Centre under the tuition of Sandra Bowers who had many years of industry experience. I built upon those experiences and set about acquiring what was the required skill set to become a master of my profession.

I have successfully completed advanced training in cosmetic tattooing including;

  • Pain management

  • Advanced Full Lip

  • Hair like stroke eyebrows

  • Problem solving

  • Pain Control Safety & Effectiveness (American Academy of Micropigmentation)

  • Specialised training in tattoo removal.

  • Para-Medical Tattooing - with Suzanne Rennison at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery

  • Use of latest Advanced Digital Machines (MT.Derm May 2012)

  • Use of innovative Amiea Vytal Cosmetic MicroLifting Treatments (MT.Derm 2012)

  • Use of full needle range including slopes, ditto & Vslope (MT.Derm May 2012)

  • Amiea philosophy of practice (MT.Derm May 2012)

  • Special Event on Medical Tattooing (Royal College of Surgeons London June 2012)
    Areola Artistry - The latest specialist techniques in Areola complex creation as provided within key hospitals in the United Kingdom.

  • Medical Tattooing Master Class (United Kingdom October 2012)
    The latest techniques in Medical Tattooing as provided within key hospitals in the United Kingdom.

  • Camouflage Makeup for Medical Conditions - Ripar Cosmetici a Major Cosmetic Physician & Plastics Clinic and Aesthetics Training Facility (Italy November 2012)

  • 3D Eyebrows (yet another technique) - Petraitis Academy Estonia 2014

  • Eye shadowing (yet another technique) - Petraitis Academy Estonia 2014

  • International Master of Skin Management - Amiea Training Academy Berlin 2014

  • PhiBrows MicroBlading Training with Branco Babic Las Vegas 2015
    First Australian Trainer to be Certified by the PhiBrows MicroBlading Academy

In November 2012 I was invited to appear as one of the Master Lecturers to over 200 of the worlds leading practitioners at the Permanent International Congress (Berlin Nov 2012).

The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of the exceptional services I provide here in Melbourne Australia and it was my honour to lecture at the congress and to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event and my formal recognition as an elite International Master Trainer.

Andrea Darby International Master Trainer

Andrea Darby - Master Trainer at Permanent International Congress Berlin 2012

In June 2013 Dr. Linda Dixon invited us to collaborate and consult with her privately at her clinic in Kailua Hawaii Dr. Dixon is the President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation during my time with Linda we focused on the newly developed and highly advanced needle technology the Ditto™ and V-slope™ which were recently designed by Dr. Dixon.

You can read an article about our visit to Hawaii on on this link.

Andrea Darby & Dr. Linda Dixon

I am privileged to say that  Dr. Dixon has become part of my Expert Advisory Network.


Additional Study & Research

I have also undergone extensive personal study and consultation into;

  • Clinical hygiene

  • Standards for the prevention of cross infection

  • Advanced eyebrow design techniques

  • Specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques

  • Vocational education course design

  • Use of technology and multimedia to enhance student knowledge retention

  • Skin colour and pigment colour interactions

  • Contraindications for and absolute preclusions from cosmetic tattooing

  • Video microscopy for instructional use

  • Use of Advanced Digital Tattoo Machines

  • The spectral characteristics of human skin

  • Pigment depth and its effects on colour results

I am a certified Workplace Trainer with Qualification: TAE40104.
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Training and Assessment Cert No: 17983

Certified Workplace Trainer

Please note that some Australian trainers are providing courses to students with outdated training qualifications always insist on seeing a trainers current valid certificate for TAE40104.


International Industry Collaboration & Development of the Profession

After extensive consultation with both Industry Members and clients from numerous countries during a period of over 3 years we discovered that there were several challenges identified by my colleagues that needed to be addressed. In late 2012 we decided to invest a significant amount of time and money and expertise into a brand new high technology platform for the industry to enable international collaboration, education and a more efficient form of marketing. has received glowing tributes from many of the leading professionals in our field.

Industry Innovations

In 2007 a complete audit of my procedures and hygiene standard was conducted by an experienced Registered Nurse and we completely redesigned procedures and techniques with the aim of achieving clinical based methodology. My hygiene standards and procedure techniques are much higher than the industry norm and aspire to best practice for the prevention of infections and cross contamination.

In 2008 I recognised that the training standards within Australia for Cosmetic Tattooists was highly variable and most courses lacked sufficient; theory content, supervised practice and preparation for training days. After extensive consultation with multidisciplinary experts our CT-AIVEP training platform was developed, an industry first and one of the most comprehensive preparatory courses ever developed.

The CT-AIVEP course framework was designed to accelerate the learning process for new students and provide detailed theory via a multimedia, interactive, internet based medium. We have found that our course participants are far better prepared for practical training days and on completion of their course they have the kind of deeper understanding of the subject matter that would normally take 6-12 months of post course experience to develop.

In 2011 I recognised that many cosmetic tattooist were obtaining topical anaesthetics from sources that were not in compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Act and the Poisons Standard, and many knew little about the ingredients, concentrations and safe use of the products being used due to the lack of information from the supplier. I consulted with a PhD pharmacist who developed a purpose specific range of dermal preparations specifically for use prior to minor cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic tattooing and detailed safety precautions were developed for his products. Click here for further details.


Industry Recognition

  • In 2009 the worlds leading manufacturer of Digital Cosmetic Tattoo and Medical Tattoo machines invited me to conduct an evaluation of their most advanced device offered under their own private label brand Amiea. I conducted a detailed comparative analysis of the Linelle Supreme and in recognition of my professionalism and scrupulous standards I was subsequently invited to act as their exclusive distribution partner throughout Australia.

  • Invited as an International Expert Guest Speaker and Presenter appearing as Australia's Master Trainer at the worlds first Permanent International Congress on Cosmetic Tattooing 2012.

  • In November 2012 Ripar Cosmetici a leading Italian company based in Campania Italy invited me at their expense as their special guest to visit their facilities and be trained in the application of Medical Camouflage Makeup. Ripar has a broad range of services including plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic and vascular surgery, day spa, beauty therapy and a comprehensive training school for Beauty Therapy and RiparCover Camouflage Makeup.

    After undergoing one on one training with with Rita Parente the Technical Manager and head of Ripar training division I was invited to become Ripar's exclusive distributor in Australia & New Zealand.

  • In August 2013 I was invited by Reed Exhibitions to present an educational lecture and demonstration at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo, this was the first time that Cosmetic Tattooing had featured at the expo and it was an honour to be identified as the regional Master Trainer to present to the wider industry.

    The presentation was attended by a diverse group from beginners right through to expert cosmetic tattooists with many years of experience. You can read more about the presentation by clicking here.

Andrea Darby demonstrating advanced techniques

  • In September of 2014 I provided Medical Tattoo training service to one of the USA's leading Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons and his clinical/surgical team, Click here to read Dr. Beckenstein's comments about my Medical Tattoo Training Services.

  • In October 2014 I provided a presentation as one of the Master Lecturers and also sat in the panel of experts at the American Academy of Micropigmentation conference in Miami-Bahamas. The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of my status as an international expert in Micropigmentation and it was my honour to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event.

Diplomat & Board Certified Instructor American Academy of Micropigmentation

AAM: I am a Diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation a Board Certified Member (FAAM) and after successful completion of examinations as of November 2014;
I am Australia's only AAM Board Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI).

I consider the AAM to be the worlds leading professional micropigmentation association, their executive group and board members consist of leading health professionals and micropigmentation experts with collective experience and expertise unsurpassed internationally.

To be certified by the Board of AAM is both an honour and a privilege.

Current Research

My current research focus is into quantifiable assessment and predictive colour changes post cosmetic tattooing, with the intent of expanding on my work with the Virtual Pigment Mixer© as presented in Module 3,  page 18, of my CT-AIVEP training program. A highly simplified example of the VPM© can be viewed on my colours page.

Also I am actively involved in developing new techniques for 3D simulative design for paramedical cosmetic tattooing clients, this is of particular benefit for nipple colouring in post mastectomy patients after reconstructive surgery.

3D Nipple Tattooing

Example of 3D Areola Tattoo Healing

Also after 5 years of extensive research and the review of over 200 clinical and scientific publications we recently launched our Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing™ (SHFST™) course, we confidently say this is the most comprehensive course available globally in SHFST™.

International Expert Advisory Network

In addition to my own qualifications and experience I consider it essential to consult with multidisciplinary experts to ensure that I am constantly improving the quality of services. As required I consult with a range of experts within our International Expert Advisory Network for expert advice about matters within their field of expertise.


Philosophy of Practice

I use single use sterile disposable needles and wherever possible single use sterile disposable medical supplies in all procedures. My technique has also been assessed by a Registered Nurse to ensure that I am following best practice and complying with recommended guidelines for infection prevention.

My salon has current approvals from, and is registered with, our local health authority.

I meet, and in many instances exceed, the relevant state and local health guidelines.

Because it is a long lasting procedure I do my very best to provide clients with the information that they need to make an informed choice about Cosmetic Tattooing. My philosophy is simple I want all my clients to feel comfortable, safe and happy with the finished result of their chosen procedure.

Cosmetic Tattooing (permanent makeup) is a long lasting procedure, I advise any person who is considering any form of Cosmetic Tattooing to ensure that the procedure is performed by an accredited specialist. Also you should ask to see the salons current local health authority  certificate of registration for skin penetration procedures. Why take a risk with your health?


Andrea Darby
International Master Trainer:
Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist
Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist

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