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News: I have recently returned from a trip to the USA where I provided Medical Tattoo training service to one of the USA's leading Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons and his clinical/surgical team, Click here to read Dr. Beckenstein's comments about my Medical Tattoo Training Services.

In October 2014 I also provided a presentation as one of the Master Lecturers and also sat in the panel of experts on Scalp Tattooing at the American Academy of Micropigmentation conference in Miami-Bahamas. The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of my status as an international expert in Micropigmentation and it was my honour to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event.

In 2012 I gave a presentation as one of the Master Lecturers to over 200 of the worlds leading practitioners at the Permanent International Congress in Berlin. The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of the exceptional services I provide here in Melbourne Australia and it was my honour to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event and my formal recognition as an elite International Master Trainer.

Prior to and after the Berlin congress I also completed additional Medical Tattoo training in the UK and a Medical Camouflage Makeup course at a leading plastic surgery clinic in Italy, I am proud to be able to offer the most advanced services available internationally here in Australia for the benefit of my clients and for my students.

I attended PhiBrows MicroBlading Training with Branco Babic Las Vegas 2015 and I am pleased to announce I am the first Australian technician to be Certified by the PhiBrows MicroBlading Academy.

If you are looking for our comprehensive course on Scalp Tattooing Click Here for further information.

I am perhaps the only Cosmetic Tattooist in Australia who has an International Expert Advisory Network


Share/Save/Bookmark Bookmark This Page I am a co-founder and Executive Group Member of the first Global Member List for Cosmetic & Medical Tattooists and Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialists.

Our Executive Group created the first International Code of Ethics and Conduct for Cosmetic Tattooists, wherever you are in the world you should check if your chosen tattooists is in compliance with our CTO-ICEC.

Diplomat & Board Certified Instructor American Academy of Micropigmentation

AAM: I am a Diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation a Board Certified Member (FAAM) and as of November 2014;
 I am Australia's only AAM Board Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI).

I consider the AAM to be the worlds leading professional micropigmentation association, their executive group and board members consist of leading health professionals and micropigmentation experts with collective experience and expertise unsurpassed internationally.
To be certified by the Board of AAM is both an honour and a privilege.

My Philosophy: Because it is a long lasting procedure (anywhere between months to years) I do my very best to provide clients with the information that they need to make an informed choice about Cosmetic Tattooing / Micropigmentation.

My approach is straightforward, I want all my clients to feel comfortable, safe and happy with the finished result of their chosen procedure.

I use, single use, sterile, disposable needles and wherever possible single use, sterile, disposable medical supplies in all procedures. Needles are NEVER reused.

Read why I switched to Amiea Digital

The choice of true Professionals

Why would you accept having your cosmetic tattooing performed with inappropriate, cheap or old, outdated equipment?

You can have it performed with true precision with my state of the art Amiea Linelle Supreme digital machine. You will notice the difference and it costs you no more to have the very best!

Click Here to find out why Amiea Creatip needles are the safest & the best.

See my hygiene page for some details on the standard of hygiene that I provide.
For further information provided by the Victorian Department of Health click here.

Contact me to find out which cosmetic tattooists are using the Amiea Linelle Supreme in a salon nearest you, don't accept your procedure being performed with anything less!

Always insist on seeing a salons local health authority certificate of registration for Skin Penetration & or Tattooing Procedures. Why take a unnecessary risk with your health?

My procedural doctrine was audited by a Registered Health Practitioner, who has 30 years of formal qualification and extensive experience in Clinical Procedures, Accident & Emergency, Occupational Health & Safety, Health Education, Infection Prevention and is a former St Johns Ambulance Honorary Lecturer.

Many of the Cosmetic Tattoo service providers in Australia have no training by anyone who has formal qualifications in any health discipline nor do they have any in house or any on site direct supervision by a Registered Health Practitioner and yet they may claim knowledge about anatomy and physiology, health preclusions & contraindications and infection control.

TIP: Ask if your chosen Cosmetic Tattooist has a Registered Health Practitioner available during your procedure, if required I can provide you the peace of mind of an on site qualified health professional at no additional cost, just ask.



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No more messy makeup! sportswomen, executives, and those with; demanding lifestyles, eyes or skin types that are sensitive to some types of makeup or those who have difficulties applying traditional makeup often say how much they love cosmetic makeup tattooing.

Need more information? check the page links on the upper left and if you have any further questions ask for a brochure or make a booking to attend a free information session.

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Andrea Darby DAAM, CMI
International Master Trainer:
Cosmetic & Medical Tattooist
Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist

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